Prep Your Tastebuds for Summer with DuClaw Sours

By Megan DeMillo

Recently my husband and I met up with friends at the DuClaw Brewing Co. Sour Me Festival. We arrived armed with a list of flavors we were dying to try. As a newly minted sour beer fan, I was looking forward to a beer festival with offerings I actually wanted to try! Unfortunately, everyone else must have been as excited as I was; most beers were gone within an hour or couldn’t be served because the pouring system had some issues. However, we were able to try a few of the beers we had been looking for and I’m happy to report they were delicious!

These four were my favorites: 

Tropical Kool Aid (KoolAid)

I was skeptical about this–I haven’t had kool aid since I was in elementary school, but the nostalgia of my childhood won and I gave it a try. DuClaw Brewing Co. pulled through and the Tropical Kool Aid tasted like an alcoholic version of that memory. Now where can I find the Kool-Aid Man? 

Sour Me White Wine Barrel Aged (whitewine)

The Sour Me White Wine Barrel Aged beer is refreshing and light, perfect for a hot summer day. It had the right balance of sweet and crisp for a summery beer.

Sour Me: Raspberry (raspberry)

Delicious, not too sweet and tasted like the fruit. You get what you expect with this one! 

Sour Me Unicorn Farts (UnicornFarts)

DuClaw’s Unicorn Farts beer tastes like sweet tarts and sweet tarts–my road trip snack of choice. Summer is prime roadtrip season so basically this beer makes me want to hop in the car and hit the road with the windows down and the sun shining. The glitter swirling around the glass doesn’t hurt either. 

Honorable Mentions (ones we didn’t try but SCREAM Summer): 

Strawberry Letter 23

Sour Me Pina Colada

I promise I drink other beers besides just DuClaw Brewing Co, BUT the Hanover-based brewery is coming out with so many new flavors/fun collaborations. Plus I particularly like sour beer which they do really well. As warmer weather becomes more of the norm and not just a pleasant surprise, I’m looking forward to sitting outside with a cold sour beer in hand!

Megan DeMillo is a twentysomething-year-old lifestyle blogger at Meggy D in the Middle. Special Event Planner, newlywed, puppy mama and donut aficionado, she is navigating the weird stretch of time after the wedding and before babies, while soaking up time with her husband, Chris. Follow along as she Sips and Savors her way around Howard and Montgomery County trying one sour beer at a time.

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