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Chad Gauss, chef and owner of Baltimore’s The Food Market, is spilling his secrets. He wants you to have access to the time-tried and popular recipes of his The Food Market (Hampden) and La Food Marketa (Pikesville). And he’s also sharing his experiences running kitchens and delivering hospitality–along with a few other life lessons.

Photo:  Daniel McGarrity

Once you’ve purchased Gauss’s new cookbook, The Food Market (At Home), you can even call the chefs at the Hampden restaurant and ask for help with a recipe. Why so much transparency? The book, Gauss explains, is designed to bring The Food Market into readers’ homes. “I’m following the simple philosophy that the chef and the food should be accessible, humble and deeply hospitable,” he says. “Food is community; it’s for all of us,” the chef writes in the introduction. “I am writing this so you can be a part of what we offer at The Food Market.”

Throughout the book, Gauss discusses the tools you need in the kitchen, important ingredients to keep in the pantry, how to pull off a successful brunch, and how to “batch cook” unique dishes for large groups at potlucks or cocktail parties. In his Baker’s Dozen Manifesto, he describes what it takes to create a memorable culinary experience.

Cheesy garlic shrimp from The Food Market (At Home), Photo courtesy of Daniel McGarrity

Recipes in The Food Market (At Home) follow the format of the The Food Market menu, with portions ranging from “little” and “small” plates to “big” dishes, desserts, brunch fare, batch cooking and drinks. There is even a section featuring Gauss’s special spice mixes and rubs, spreads, salad dressings and dessert toppings.

Gauss encourages all who use the book to share photos on Instagram using @thefoodmarket #ChadLook #The- FoodMarketAtHome.

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