Crushing on Wine Cans

Old Westminster Winery

Millennials are drinking more wine than any other age group. According to USA Today, young adults aged 21 to 38 consume nearly half of all wine sold in the U.S. Wine, says Ashli Johnson, “has a sense of time and place and authenticity.” And younger adults, says Johnson, one of the three siblings behind the popular Old Westminster Winery, “are drawn to wanting to know where what they eat and drink comes from, who produces it, and how.”

Just a few months ago the Carroll County operation became the first mid- Atlantic winery to offer wines in cans. Yup, you heard that right. Just as cans have seen a comeback among craft brewers, they seem to be the perfect way to deliver the grapes to young people. After all, a 12.7-ounce can, the perfect size for two glasses, doesn’t need delicate handling and won’t be confiscated at an outdoor concert.

Siblings Lisa Hinton, winemaker, Drew Baker, vigneron, and Ashli Johnson, general manager, Old Westminster Winery

Thirty-year-old Drew Baker and his sisters Lisa Hinton (28) and Johnson (27) came up with the notion in 2017 during one of their regular around-thekitchen- table brainstorming sessions. They wanted a product that speaks directly to their burgeoning winedrinking generation. As sublime as it is to be out in nature with a good bottle of wine, glasses and a corkscrew, they realized that getting rid of the glasses and corkscrew—and the bottle for that matter, would streamline the deal.

Within just a few months Old Westminster had produced 12,000 cans with three different varietals, which they pride on being “fresh, young and local,” without additives or filtration

Look for Farmer Fizz, a sparkling chardonnay; Carbonic, a cabernet franc; and Seeds & Skins a pino gris. Find the cans in shops and restaurants throughout Maryland.

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